Wonder Woman is Fierce! I took my daughter to see the movie on Friday afternoon and, as always, I was watching from the eyes of an entrepreneur.

I’ll say this, if you haven’t seen it, you should.

I learned 4 lessons from this movie that I wanted to share.

1. Diana (wonder woman) was raised on a beautiful island surrounded by strong {stunning}women. She could have chosen to stay on the island among the people she had known her whole life. People with whom she knew she was safe. She could have stayed in her comfort zone but she knew she was called to do greater things in the world. She had to leave her comfort zone to do those things.

2. She needed a team of people helping her save the world! Diana knew she couldn’t save the world on her own, she needed the help of Steve and his unlikely band of brothers. These unlikely heroes (men during WWI) had complete confidence in Diana as their leader and they completely bought in to the purpose of their mission. At first, it was about money for them but as they learned the mission and bought into the “why” it became about the cause and they were ready to lay down their lives for their mission and friends.

3. Ferocity requires having confidence in your skills and your purpose. Diana knew she was born for a purpose, she knew her strengths and wanted to use those skills to help humanity (greater love has no man than this, he/she who would lay down their life for their friends.)

4. Love always wins! {I do love this about the movies}. Good always conquers evil and love always wins. So Diana knew her power, she knew she wanted to defeat the enemy to save the world. But she began to question her reason for saving the world, as she was confronted with the evil and complacency. She wondered for a moment why she was putting herself through such turmoil but there is a poinant moment when she looked around and she saw love manifest itself in all forms. Love of brothers banding together, romantic love, family love. Love made her stronger. It gave her courage and strength beyond what she was capable of alone.

As you are growing your business and becoming your own version of Wonder Woman/Super Man remember these lessons. We have to get out of our comfort zones, we need a team who buys into our “why” and supports us in our mission. We have a purpose on this planet and our job is live out that purpose with tunnel vision and singular focus. Love always wins, so whatever you do, do in love. It will create a stronger and more courageous mission!

Be Amazing, Friends!