How do you learn as your GROW?

I’m in Toastmasters for the second time and I am using this time to learn as I grow intentionally but stepping outside my comfort zone. The first group I was in Valrico and I was president.  I started the group and went through all 10 speeches. That was a really difficult period in my life and I guess I skated through it but the truth is that I don’t remember that much about it.

This time I am fully embracing the experience.

I still find it difficult to stand up and speak in front of people. Yikes, they are actually listening to me, what do I have to say or what if what I say is dumb and someone actually listens?

You know what I discovered? I do have something to say and if what I say has meaning for 1 person, then it was worth standing up and saying it.

When you fear something, do you go ahead and do it, or do let what others think decide if you will face the challenge?

Do you find ways to learn how to do what you want to do or wish you could do it and envy those who can? As business owners we are tasked with being the CEO, CFO, marketing director, janitor, administrative assistant and #1 sales person. It’s not an easy venture.

In all of those “jobs” we have inside our business, one of the tasks that is most important to the viability of our company is constantly growing and learning.

We take classes, workshops and network with other professionals.

As you know from previous posts and emails my passion is bringing businesses together for the sole purpose of intentionally growing. The thing about growing is that it cannot be accomplished in a vacuum. Books are great. Webinars are great. Podcasts are great.

None of those venues invites other people to grow with you.

You need encouragement.

You need to know you are not alone in your venture.

You need the creativity of other minds working alongside yours for the purpose of exponential growth.

At Intentional Growth Strategies in Brandon, FL we understand that and are working to bring a shared work space to the area for the purpose of bringing entrepreneurial minds together to make greater impact.

You need the knowledge and expertise of real live people because there is energy there to help supply when your energy is low and you help supply energy to others around you when theirs is low.

Is your version of success going to come from working alone?

In the valley or on the mountain top, life and therefore our business is meant to be a shared adventure.  It is way more fun. Infinitely more successful and by far much easier. Become a member today!