As a high D personality I am driven to get sh….(uh). things done.  A ready, fire aim mentality, with a very direct approach to achieving goals.

There are capacities where this has served me very well and there are ways that I have run people over in an effort to get the “thing” done. Do you know your personality DiSC profile? feel free to take the test if you don’t know your “type”. It is very helpful when to know what makes you “tick” and dealing interpersonally inside of relationships.

I explain all of that to let you know that IGS is making strides to moving forward. I have this vision for transforming the way people work from home and developing entrepreneurs. I firmly believe, and function based on the belief, that if we grow together, we have a much better chance to be successful and to impact our world for the greater good.

Well, we need a place to do that! Since we are working on creating a community and the community success depends on each member being part of the process, I wanted to let you know that I have found a space that I love! This week I took a contractor with me to see it and help with projections on a build out.

My vision is becoming reality.

To say that I am afraid would be an understatement. To say I am excited would not be doing justice to my feelings about having a place for all of you to come and grow! I will continue to keep you posted on the progress we are making.

In the meantime, I would love your feedback on your vision for a community of entrepreneurs. What do you want out of a local shared workspace? Do you want quiet? Collaboration? Personal development? Coaching? I already have a request for a mastermind group, so that is definitely going to happen.

I know some of you are new and wondering what IGS is really all about. Well, I developed a mission statement after an in depth study of my Identity and Destiny. It is “to use the voice God gave me to foster relationships that encourage,  inspire and change the world.”

My vision for doing that is to provide an affordable shared workspace in Brandon where work-from-home individuals can have collaboration and have a place to do work, develop personally and grow their businesses in a more professional environment than Starbucks or their dining room table.